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Merry Christmas

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Once Upon A Time,

there was a family of “holiday characters”…


The eldest, Elf James, just worked and worked and worked and…  Sometimes he was able to travel to “toy shops” around the country, but for the most part was based at the Cisco Pole.


Valerie, the “Boingy Santa” just springs from activity to activity.  Having a “jolly spirit” and enjoying life, she is happy to take care of the rest of the “holiday characters.”

Marissa the Snowflake (9 ½ years, 4th grade) likes to “flitter and flutter” mostly across the stage.  She did just that in the Peninsula Youth Theater’s fall production of “Beauty and the Beast.”  She was “de-lighted” to be a Small Candle and really “blossomed” in her acting/dancing career as a Rosette. 


Victoria the Reindeer (7 ¾ years, 2nd grade) likes to be the center of attention and pleaser/helper of the bunch.  Being the fastest reindeer, her passion is soccer, so the song goes….  “Then one happy soccer day, Coach James came to say, “Tori with your kick so might, won’t you   score a goal tonight?” (which, of course, she gladly did    many times over).

Last, but certainly not least, there is...
Maverick the Snowman (3 ½ years), who, like Frosty, is a “very 
happy soul.”  Indeed, he is “here and there, all around— EVERYWHERE, saying ‘catch me if you can’.”  He enjoys playing with all the children at his 2 preschools and Bible Study Fellowship class.  He is happy to rejoice that “Elvis LIVES”—at least he was “alive” this Halloween singing “Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog” and saying “Thang you, thang you, thang you very much” when receiving treats! 



You know the Klazuras, a very silly bunch who share their news in the most “odd” ways.

You also know that we deeply and sincerely thank GOD for YOU and for all the blessings he has given us. 

We are so very grateful for the birth of Jesus and wish you a merry, blessed and bright CHRISTmas

and a 2006 filled with love, happiness and special memories. ,